Our Vietnam

Vietnam’s strength in home furnishing production draws on a variety of materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, banana leaf, sea grass, metal and zinc. The skillful combining of different types of materials provides a point of difference, making Vietnam’s products unique compared to those of its regional neighbours.

Labor intensive production is achievable at competitive prices in Vietnam due to low labor costs. Vietnam is serving as a manufacturing platform to a broad scale of international customers; from the world’s largest superstore chains to single store boutiques. Everything from candles, pottery, dinnerware and furniture for the home and garden areas is succesfully being produced in Vietnam.

Vietnam offers many positive factors, compared to its regional neighbours. The young and ambitious workforce, competitive labor costs, skilled labor, policital stability and geo-political location all add to the value of product sourcing in Vietnam and the imminent diversification from China.

1. Vietnams’ French “Heritage” means there is a lot of eye for quality and design.
2. Availability of many natural resources such as wood, bamboo, zinc, concrete and metals.
3. Capable workforce and high-quality education
4. Relatively low labor costs.
5. Continuously growing pressure on trade tarriffs of surrounding countries.
6. Politicial, environmental and social stability.
7. Growing number of trade agreements with a broad range of countries/areas.