Your benefits

Compared to big multinational sourcing companies, VIGO in many ways is different and therefore we tend to call ourselves ’boutique’ . To VIGO, being boutique means:
• Being focused on small to medium customers; your business is truly meaningful to VIGO.
• Our customers and their satisfaction with our services matter to us every day! Personal contact & regular updates help us to build a trusted relationship and clear understanding of our customers needs.
• We understand that we need to provide a good service everyday as our customers need to want to work with us, receiving an overall good performance, so that they stay with us.
• We are small and lean enough to be able to make quick decisions. No long and multi-layered corporate budget approvals necessary.
• Positive record of always finding solutions and continuous problem-solving sometimes in challenging circumstances.
• Operating successfully in an international and multi-cultural environment.
• VIGO is owner-run and not managed by employed management.

Responsible Sourcing

Social and environmental considerations rank high on Vigo’s list of priorities. We believe in achieving sustainable growth through correct business practices that respect the individual and the natural environment.
Our company aims to work in long term business relationships with buyers and suppliers and on a demand-driven basis. Moreover, the following social and environmental criteria, among others, will always be considered before selecting a potential supplier.